Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cold and Wintery Sunday

I've been absent for awhile. I've had no mojo for quilting but it is coming back. I've joined a volunteer group that makes quilts for cancer patients and have one quilt top almost done. The name of the group is Victoria's Quilt's Canada and we have a local group here in Okotoks. The lady who owns the local quilt shop lets us use her class room every second Tuesday for cutting, sewing, talking, laughing and meeting.

We are in need of men's quilts so that is what I have started. The fabric is mostly donated so most quilts are scrap quilts. I think I have enough of the dark brown to do a 2" border. The quilts are made to about 52"X72" - a good size to let patients cuddle and keep warm.

I have 4 quilts back from the long arm quilter so lots of hand sewing over the winter months. I left her with 2 more and will have more for her after Christmas.

Probably part of the lack of mojo is that I have not started any new projects as I had decided to dedicate 2012 to finishing up UFO's. A good idea in many ways but it severly cramped my creative last week I allowed myself to start a new project and feel much better. I am making a quilt for one of the walls in Tony's office. More on that another day.

We had new hardwood floors installed on the main floor last month and I just love them. With a Golden  Retreiver there will always be hair so we just decided to go for it. I love the gradients of colour and the grain of the wood. Now that we have new floors, everything looks different though, so now the process of painting and re-decorating has started. That will be a gradual process over the winter as I am going to paint a few pieces, and re-cover some stools etc.

Tony is making lasagna, so Chloe is supervising and waiting for any little crumb to drop. Dana and her boyfriend Drew are coming for dinner tonight, so along with lasagna we are having the traditional garlic bread and caesar salad. And hopefully leftovers for Tony and I tomorrow night!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!

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sunny said...

No. No. No. Don't ever set yourself up to fail by starting no new projects. Maybe finish an old one, and then start a new one. You MUST have new projects to be happy and creative! Some people can work on just one at a time, but that is too stifling for me. Glad you got started on something new. Hope to see more of you in blogland.

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