Saturday, February 8, 2014

Projects on the Go.

We are in a deep freeze here (not unlike most of North America!), so today is an organizing/sewing/trimming of blocks day. I have, as always many things on the go, and many to prepare.

I am finishing off Brocante- a Schnibbles by Miss Rosie. This is a scrap quilt and will be a table topper.

Right now with Tony not working, I can't afford to get any of my completed quilt tops quilted so making Schnibbles allows me to do the quilting and have completed projects. My back just can't handle quilting anything much larger than a table topper size quilt. I am ready to lay this out on my design floor and get the top set out to my liking.

Next up is Imagine, another Schnibbles. This is mostly cut out, so will come together quickly.

And this week I used some of my Christmas $$ and bought Sewing Box by Gina Martin:

Beautiful rich colours, and I plan to make a wall hanging for my quilting room. I am going to make Spools by Camille Roskelley I may start cutting out to day or tomorrow.

Tonight we were invited by friends to go to Yuk Yuks, playing at our local town Performing Arts Centre, so are looking forward to that. It is in an old church, and quite small, but the seating/viewing is good- still the old pews.

Keep warm, and have a great week!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Well progress is being made on my Lazy Sunday quilt, but I did not get into my sewing room much this week at all.

Ready for round five on this pile-only 179 blocks!

We've had beautiful warm weather thanks to a chinook weather pattern. This was our sunset last night with the high chinook arch.

 So, even thought there is snow on the ground, it was warm enough for this yesterday afternoon....

Cheers! Have a great week.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lazy Sunday

Most Sundays are the day I choose not to do much. After working full time all week it is nice to just chill, read, sew, go for a walk, nap...

Today we have already gone for a walk, cleaned up after guests for dinner last night and now it is "my time".

I am making a Quilt called Lazy Sunday Quilt, pattern by May Chappell, found on Craftsy.  I'm making a king size quilt for our master bedroom. I have always loved log cabing quilts and this is a take on that.

The fabric colours are great, Crossroads by Jan Patek. And of course there is red, as there should be in every quilt!

There are 179 blocks, so there is a lot of sewing, and strip piecing. I am on strip # 4 with a total of 6, so today I hope to get to the end of 4, and starting on 5.

I will post my prgress next week. Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold and Wintry

We are having an extremely cold day, so a good one to hibernate.  Tony's birthday is tomorrow so we are having his brothers and sisters and assorted spouses over for lasagna tonight. The lasagna is made and since we also had guests for dinner last night, the house is clean, and I really just need to give the floors a quick sweep and make sure the guest bathroom is still clean.

So most of the day is mine...and judging by the state of my sewing room, I need to take some time to tidy up a bit.

What is the expression about messiness and a creative mind? Can't think of it, but I like to think this applies here...For me it is like a messy desk- I know where everything is, and what the plans are for the assorted piles, but it can feel a little crowded at times.

I had one vacation day left from 2013 so I took the day off work tomorrow, so the plan would be to (re)organize my sewing room today and spend the day sewing tomorrow.

I should also start putting the Christmas decorations away too, but I love the way the house looks at Christmas.

Have a wonderdful week, and I hope to have a few projects to share next time.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Welcome To 2014

Well 2013 was a difficult year, and after much reflection, I have decided that 2014 can only be much better!

Starting early in 2013 Tony was hospitalized and had surgery to remove a kidney stone, and from there our year has a "few" issues. We lost a few friends to cancer, Tony's Mom Perry passed away in May, and we had to put our beloved Chloe down on October 8. We miss our beautiful girl every day.

In between, Tony was very ill again with another issue, and then was laid off in October. He is still looking for work. Also our son Neil decided to take a 2 year contract in New Zealand, and left in July.

We've had a lot to deal with, but there is always happiness and joy to be found. One thing giving us joy right now is our daughters upcoming wedding in May 2014. There is not a lot I have to do in the planning aspect as they have hired wedding planners for that, but it is exciting to realize that in 5 short months we will be attending her wedding and welcoming a terrific young man into our family. It also means Neil will be home for the wedding.

Quilting still gives me much joy, although I have fallen behind this year on projects, and only in the last couple of weeks have I felt up to carrying on. I have a pile of quilts waiting to be bound, and have started a new project.

I realize that quilting helps me relax and deal with any anxiety that I may have. So, it is important for me to continue on. I have a beautiful relaxing room, don't I?

So, bring on 2014!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cold and Wintery Sunday

I've been absent for awhile. I've had no mojo for quilting but it is coming back. I've joined a volunteer group that makes quilts for cancer patients and have one quilt top almost done. The name of the group is Victoria's Quilt's Canada and we have a local group here in Okotoks. The lady who owns the local quilt shop lets us use her class room every second Tuesday for cutting, sewing, talking, laughing and meeting.

We are in need of men's quilts so that is what I have started. The fabric is mostly donated so most quilts are scrap quilts. I think I have enough of the dark brown to do a 2" border. The quilts are made to about 52"X72" - a good size to let patients cuddle and keep warm.

I have 4 quilts back from the long arm quilter so lots of hand sewing over the winter months. I left her with 2 more and will have more for her after Christmas.

Probably part of the lack of mojo is that I have not started any new projects as I had decided to dedicate 2012 to finishing up UFO's. A good idea in many ways but it severly cramped my creative last week I allowed myself to start a new project and feel much better. I am making a quilt for one of the walls in Tony's office. More on that another day.

We had new hardwood floors installed on the main floor last month and I just love them. With a Golden  Retreiver there will always be hair so we just decided to go for it. I love the gradients of colour and the grain of the wood. Now that we have new floors, everything looks different though, so now the process of painting and re-decorating has started. That will be a gradual process over the winter as I am going to paint a few pieces, and re-cover some stools etc.

Tony is making lasagna, so Chloe is supervising and waiting for any little crumb to drop. Dana and her boyfriend Drew are coming for dinner tonight, so along with lasagna we are having the traditional garlic bread and caesar salad. And hopefully leftovers for Tony and I tomorrow night!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Clean Up

This morning we pulled the annuals out of our outdoor pots, cleaned up the deck and front porch and just did a fall clean up. The weather is still fairly nice for us here, sunny and high teen temperatures (about 68-70 degrees), but the plants were getting leggy and just looking old. So now I am pulling out my fall wreaths and quilts and decorating for fall.

I have Neil's quilt labeled and have started putting the rows together. hopefully more progress this week on that.

This is what I am using as leaders for the above project. I started a winter quilt for the master bedroom months ago and grew bored with it. Not sure why that is but thought I could get a kick (re)start on it by sewing in between putting the above rows together...

I said 2012 would be the year of finishing projects and have done well with that. I have 3 quilts waiting for binding, I have 3 quilts at the longarm quilters and two ready to go when I pick the others up. More on those another time.

Have a wonderful week!

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