Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Clean Up

This morning we pulled the annuals out of our outdoor pots, cleaned up the deck and front porch and just did a fall clean up. The weather is still fairly nice for us here, sunny and high teen temperatures (about 68-70 degrees), but the plants were getting leggy and just looking old. So now I am pulling out my fall wreaths and quilts and decorating for fall.

I have Neil's quilt labeled and have started putting the rows together. hopefully more progress this week on that.

This is what I am using as leaders for the above project. I started a winter quilt for the master bedroom months ago and grew bored with it. Not sure why that is but thought I could get a kick (re)start on it by sewing in between putting the above rows together...

I said 2012 would be the year of finishing projects and have done well with that. I have 3 quilts waiting for binding, I have 3 quilts at the longarm quilters and two ready to go when I pick the others up. More on those another time.

Have a wonderful week!

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