Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'm Back!

Well hello! I am at light at then end of a very long tunnel, and and happy to be there. Since last October I was president of our condo association, and it was a volunteer position that took over my life, and at times was bigger than life. We were due to go on holidays in mid July and both Tony and I knew that I couldn't enjoy my holidays as I was "on call" and also not sleeping. I resigned before we left and it is only just now that I am feeling "better". No sense of dread when my phone buzzes with an email or text. Now it is family and friends and that is the way is should be.

Dana moved out on Mother's Day and I really miss her even though we didn't see each other a lot when she lived here...but I now have a new sewing room. Tony works from home and needs a nice room for an office, so he got my lovely sunny sewing room. I moved downstairs to Dana's old bedroom. Tony painted it a lovely green and it is warm and cozy.

 It looks like a dull dreary day but is actually a beautiful sunny day, and I had to shut the shades to get a picture.

On the floor are three quilts awaiting binding completion. On TV is the Olympics, of course!

I have a little abutment on the wall for decorative "stuff". My angels, photos, keepsakes, etc. I have a quilt or two to put up yet, and also a plan for another wall. My friend Rhonda makes beautiful  folded paper cards and I have some framed already. I will go to Ikea to get some more frames and do a display of her beautiful cards.

My plan is to get re-organized in my room as I kinda forget what I was up to!

Have a wonderful week!

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sunny said...

I'm glad you got out of that job! WHen it's a volunteer position and it takes over your life, it's time to get out. My father was treasurer of a HOA, and a friend was president, and they both hated it. Now you can sit back, breathe a huge sigh of relief, and hve time for more of your wonderful stitching. Welcome back!!

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