Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Cold and Snow....

Since we live in this part of the world we are used to cold winters, but really, it seems never ending this year. Last week we had a few days of above 0 temperatures, but it is cold again and snow is expected. I think spring is on everyone's radar...This poinsettia was given to me by Dana's boyfriend at Christmas and is growing like crazy. And rather than thinking of Christmas when I look at this I choose to think of Mexico where they grow wild....think warm!!!

This week I had a stomach flu that side lined me for a couple of days, but am feeling better today.

I laid the almost finished quilt out to take a picture and of course had the chase our girl off...she was ready to settle right in.

So I have to put the borders on but am debating as the pattern has very wide borders on either side of a pieced border and I am not fond of wide borders. I think I will do a  narrow containment border and then that may be it. That keeps it at lap size and that is the size I want.

These are the smaller HST that I have after making the large HSt for the above quilt. A small hanging quilt or table topper will be the end result of these.
These are the blocks I sewed as leaders and enders for the above quilt and this will be a charity quilt. It is made from an older Red Rooster fabric and I am using a pattern called Four Patch Flip from Heather Mulder Peterson. They are now pressed and ready to be sewn together.

What will you work on this week?


sunny said...

Oh, poor puppy! Does she have her own quilt? I have a design floor rather than a design wall, too, and I have the same problem with cats - they have to check out everything and get in the way. Stay warm!

Sharon said...

Our cat thinks she must own every quilt in the house...regardless of whether it is finished or not. Your quilt is turning out nicely...I need to find out more about the leaders and enders.

Betty Lou said...

Looks like Chloe is just checking out the pattern and giving you the O.K. Hope you are feeling better, nothing worse than the flu, take cre.

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