Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall, Again

 I finished adding a few things to a purchased wreath and added it to the little display on the mantle.
 In the meantime Chloe was guarding the house for intruders...
This is a table topper I made with a panel (also a number of years ago). It is  kinda my own design in that I cut the pictures from the panel, made wonky blocks and added inner borders etc. This is on a coffee table in the great room.

I like to be positive and count my blessings as much as possible, so this is a "fall themed count your blessings" comment. I work in Calgary which is about a 20-30 minute commute each way. It is an easy drive as most of it is highway and not a lot of fighting city traffic. In the morning I take the main highway as it is faster. Coming home after work I take the "backroad" through our western foothills and ranch lands. It is just a beautiful drive and I appreciate it every day. This week I saw two amazing things, and of course no camera with me...
First I saw a huge buck with the biggest antlers running through a field, pausing and then jumping the fence to my right. It was so graceful and effortless, and I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.
Then the next day it was a warm sunny day and as I was coming up a hill I could see a silhouette of several people in their cowboy hats on horses. As I approached the yellow field and the blue sky made this a picture perfect view, and it would have been a stunning picture. I slowed and could see it was 4 young girls on their horses practicing barrel racing in their field.
I really don't care that it is a longer drive as the beauty of this drive is so worth it. There are mountain views, and right now with the blue skies and the golden fields it is spectacular.
Enjoy the beauty of your fall.


Karen said...

I just have to get my fall boxes out of the attic and start decorating! these photos are just the thing to get me going!

Mary-Frances said...

Annie, I hear what you're saying about the beauty of the mountains and fields this fall - took a drive to Millarville last week and had to stop to admire the fall colours and the hawks swooping down from the sky.

Sharon said...

You are so blessed to have a beautiful drive...I envy you! I drive one hour each way everyday on interstate...yuck! I so miss the country...have been a "city girl" for 8 years and miss the countryside. Hope to take a ride in the country this weekend!

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