Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're Back!!!

We made it back early this morning and fell into bed about 2:30 am. We had a wonderful time for over 2 weeks, and I'll give details and pictures in days to come. We've never been on a trip that long and often when we are away, I am anxious to get home. Not this time...not sure why, but we just enjoyed every day. We made the trip from Scottsdale to Sedona one very windy day and stopped in a little shop called Quilters Store Sedona & Gallery. This is a very cute little shop that definitely likes their batiks, so of course I couldn't walk away empty handed. I will use the mulberry Bali Pops to make one of the quilts in the Strip therapy book called "Insomnia". I saw very few quilt stores or even fabric stores in Phoenix and/or Scottsdale, and was reading on a quilters blog that it is a desert there, literally, due to the lack of good fabric for sale.
I did find a Joann Fabric and Crafts, and spent some time browsing as Tony took our rental vehicle to gas up and wash down. I got a Miss Rosie book (her newest is on my wish list) and quilting gloves. I am interested in trying the gloves as I know many quilters swear by them.

Today Joan has tagged the Charming Guys and Girls Quilt Club members to ask us if we read, purchase, and or make quilts from patterns in quilting magazines. My answer is a resounding yes!!! but I have scaled back on the expense and only subscribe to one. My local library does subscribe, so I can reserve, and go in and look at them as well. My subscription is for Better Homes and Gardens "American Patchwork and Quilting", and this has been a favorite for many years. This is the last month I have on my Quiltmakers subscription, and I think I will do something with this idea from Bonnie Hunter.
Joan asked if we make quilts from patterns in magazines, and my answer to that is also yes, and the most recent is this quilt that I finished for March. For me quilting magazines are good for those times that I want to relax and think about future projects. I don't visit quilt stores very often, so they can keep you informed of trends and tools. But I am a magazine lover, and also read card making, scrapbooking and decorating magazines. Funny how cooking/recipe magazines just missed that list!!
Just a edit on this post- the Carolina Chain block by Bonnie Hunter is in the May/June addition of the "Quiltmaker".


joan said...

Welcome back Anne... I missed you.. but glad to hear you had a wonderful vacation. I am so like you when it comes to the magazines as I don't have that many quilt shops to visit here in my neck of the woods and keep up with the trends through the magazines too.
I love the Carolina Chain Chain. Which issue is that in?

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Yeah - so glad that you made it back! How fun that you got to hit at least a few shops on your trip! Love the quilt pattern - and can't wait to hear and see more about your trip!

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