Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And The Earth Moved on My 25th Anniversary Trip!!

This is the beginning of the sunset on our first night in Puerto Penasco. We have been having a wonderful time-very relaxing and the time has just raced by. We leave Friday and go to Scottsdale for 5 days. Tony has gone golfing so I plan to catch up on my bloggy friends and do some reading. We did however have a very exciting addition to the trip on Easter Sunday. We were sitting poolside chatting with some new friends and we all looked at each other with puzzled looks on our faces, and exclaimed "earthquake!!" We did experience an earthquake in Las Vegas, but it was in the middle of the night and what woke us up was the lamp falling off the nightside table. By then it was all over. This time we got the whole experience...very strange as it felt like we'd had too many margaritas, but that was not the case. Both of us felt nauseous for about an hour after. Everyone here was fine and there was very little damage, but we did hear other parts of Mexico has some damage and deaths.

I am very late in posting my project plans for April, and they are not ambitious in nature as we don't get home until April 16th. I plan to do my 2 blocks for the Jelly Roll Sampler group and that is it. I know I will do other projects but that will be all I lay claim to right now.

I have put a new button on the side of my blog for a stashbuster group. As we all know, using our stash allows room for new fabric...but I think this is a great idea as not only will the organizer of the group post on projects, but anyone who has an idea can post. Go and visit Rae Ann for some new ideas and colaboration from other quilters at Stash Manicure.


Rae Ann said...

Love your blog! Have a wonderful time on your trip! Thank you for joining us for "Stash Manicure". It is sure to be fun! Thanks for the nice plug about it and you will be receiving 3 chances to win in our month end drawing! Good luck!

joan said...

Oh so glad to hear you are ok and that you are having fun in spite of the excitement. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip when you get back and to see your Jelly Roll blocks.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

So glad to hear you are enjoying yourself - but an earthquake, geeze. So glad that you and your husband are safe. We miss ya! I'll be looking forward to hearing more and seeing those blocks! Wishing you safe passage!

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