Monday, April 19, 2010

Mexico in Pictures

This is Mortua estuary behind our place in Puerto Penasco. The birds are abundant and the area is wildlife protected and very beautiful-a stark beauty.
I am watching Tony cook dinner and trying my best to catch up on email. I paid for wireless access and it was just painful...the computer had to be facing a certain way, and I had no access inside. My apologies to those who left a comment on my blog and didn't get a response from me- and to those who got my response two or three times....
We went fishing the day after the earthquake and did not have a very successful day. The "captain" blamed the lack of fish on the earthquake. I did catch 2 small ones that we had for dinner- and the pelicans enjoyed fighting over the leftovers as the captain cleaned them for us.
This is our beautiful beach. The first few days we were there the tides were very extreme as you can see by the width of sand between the houses and the water.
We went to a local market for fresh fruit and veggies and across the street was this little home business. They made tortillas by the dozen and would also make beef burritos for snacks. The ladies just had a quick twist of their wrist to get the right amount of mix and then it took them a couple of seconds to flatten it to tortilla size and throw it on the grill.


sunny said...

What a fun time. It looks like a very beautiful place.
thanks for sharing your photos!

sunny said...

p.s. The pelicans are awesome! You could reach out and touch them.

joan said...

Sounds like a fun time... hope you have a good first week back! It is always nice to know there are more vacation days to come!

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