Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snowy Sewing Day

This snow is what we woke up to this morning. It was another day of commuter chaos in Calgary, and I was glad to be at home.

I finished the Sassafras pattern today and with Dana's help, chose where to put the appliqué. I deliberately left it looking kinda folk arty and used a machine blanket stitch around the appliqué and I am going to call it Funky Folk Art Flowers. I have made it for a gift to be given after Christmas, and I think I might add just a 2 inch dark brown border before it goes to the quilters.

Next I am finishing the appliqué on my little snow man wall hanging. I will get that done today and it will just need the binding and finishing touches added- there are some buttons to put on his hat etc.I hope to get the applique done tonight and do some hand stitching later when I watch some TV.

Tomorrow is back to reality for me- back to work and a new job and different hours, different people etc. I imagine I will be quite tired for a few days and have planned ahead to have hand sewing on stand by for those nights I am tired. If I try to cut out fabric or even sew blocks together when I am tired, it can be a disaster, so better safe than sorry. I sure will miss this time I had the past 2 or so weeks, and will again look forward to some time on the weekends to relax and recharge.

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joantufts said...

Wow! the snow... a perfect sewing day and certainly productive for you. Love your quilt. Anything with appliqué gets top honors in my book. I will be thinking of you tomorrow at your new job. Good luck and drive carefully.

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