Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making Progress

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! We are having our extended family celebration today and Tony's sister's home. There are usually 20-25 at these functions- all my nieces and nephews (9) are adults now, and some married with their own families, so it can get very complicated. With divorces, and in laws there is often more than one dinner for them to attend. I look forward to the wonderful turkey dinner and a brisk walk afterwards...

As you can see by my first picture we are going to paint our home. I have been choosing colours this week, and have decided on a Benjamin Moore colour called Great Plains. We get lots of light in our home and can go with a darker colour. Also Chloe likes to lie against walls so a darker colour is more practical. So Tony is prepping this weekend, and the process is beginning...What a decision- I had several colours in mind, but one was too green, one was too know how it goes.

I am making progress on my projects for the month and also just about have my fabric for the Half Pint Quilt Along cut out. I start my new job on Thursday so want to have some semblance of organization before then, so I can attempt to get a couple projects completed. My husband always asks me why I get stressed out over a hobby- and it is true- I set goals and get stressed over not meeting them...just like Joan, our hostess for this month at ouvrages d'une acadienne here, there are no quilting police coming to my door if I don't complete everything. So, deep breath, and just try enjoy the time I have left to focus on quilting.

I have a ladies retreat weekend coming up in early November and it is with a group of ladies that I go away with twice a year. They are scrapbookers and card makers, and when I go in the fall I make my Christmas cards. I am in the process of designing that card now so that I can have all my supplies ready and with me when I go. I attempt to scrapbook but am never happy with the results, so just have to keep at it. I will also take some pictures with me to work on some scrapbooking pages and get some advise from the experts.

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joantufts said...

Enjoy the turkey dinner and the family reunion. I am having my Thanksgiving dinner for the family today and tomorrow I have one for friends. It is busy in the kitchen but most enjoyable. I will let you know next week-end how the Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend workshop went.I just love the "Birchwood Lane" fabric so I couldn't see making that piece in nothing but that line.
Glad to hear you are refeclting on enjoying the sewing rather than finding it stressful... "Que cera cera"! (What will be will be) right?
In case I don't connect with you before or I forget, good luck Thursday.I'll look forward to details later.
Happy sewing♥♥♥

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