Thursday, October 15, 2009

October Tag

For October Joan, our hostess has asked us what kind of shoe suits our personality most closely. Well one (yes, one) of my weaknesses is shoes, so how could I possibly just pick one? I definitely am the Hippie as I do wear shoes like the Birkenstock around the house- much to my family's dismay (and yes I confess, with socks in the winter). Then I am also an Easy Going type as I prefer not to let the small stuff get to me, and am for the most part pretty casual and fun loving. But...I love to get dressed up, so I am also the Classy One- I love heels and always nab some good ones on the sales racks. I don't wear them much so try to get classic styles, that I can wear again and again. But let's face it, I haven't met too many shoe sales that I didn't like!

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joantufts said...

Thank you Anne... I think I can relate very well to your shoes....
The workshop was wonderful and I looking forward to finishing my project to show you.
How's work?

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