Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cleaning House

This is the pond this morning as I left for my morning stroll with Chloe- you can see the ice forming- very sad as the birds are pretty much gone for the season.

This is the pond at the end of our walk looking very fall like and even though it has been warmer the last couple of days, the ice is still not melted.

My son who lives in Calgary has purchased a condo and I offered to lend him my Rubbermaid containers to use for moving. He was over Friday night and so I dumped three containers to lend him. Two of them were full of fabric, and not sorted at all. So I spent yesterday afternoon sorting through it all, and shaking my head wondering "what was I thinking?" with some of the fabric I have kept over the years. It was a real trip down memory lane as I came across fabric that I made shorts for my kids when they were little, and some fabric from the second quilt I ever made. That quilt actually was for my son and I must have made it about 15 or more years ago. But I also kept some impossibly small pieces (smaller than 1.5 inches) and am not sure what I had planned for them. My next door neighbour is a quilter so when I had Chloe out for our afternoon stroll I knocked on her door and told her to come over and pick through anything she wanted. She is making a fall quilt so was looking for oranges etc.

After she was gone I sorted into two piles- a pile for anything 5 inches wide or bigger, and scraps. The bigger pieces I sorted into colours and will find somewhere to store them with easy access- with the plan being to actually use them!

The pile of scraps will be put on the Greyhound bus and sent to my sister in law in Ontario. She is a wonderful quilter and uses lots of smaller pieces in her work so I am very happy to pass these on. I have been planning on sorting through this fabric for so long, so I was forced into it by offering the containers to Neil. The third container was full of batting so it will get used up, small pieces and all.
So today, back to quilting and enjoying the time in my sewing room. Tony has gone golfing- yes there are still some courses open and he knows them all! I don't quite get the joy in golfing in the rain wearing long johns, but I know he doesn't get cutting fabric into small pieces and sewing it back together again!

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joantufts said...

Wow! Anne you won one terrific prize from the CGQC on Kelly's blog... Congratulation!
Can't wait to see what you are going to make with that.♥♥♥

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