Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Life as It is...October Finishes

This is the sunrise this morning at the end of Chloe's walk. It was just a beautiful morning and has turned into a beautiful day.

Tony has finished phase one of the painting and I just love the colour. I tried to get a picture close to the true colour of the walls and this is pretty good. It is kind of a golden brown, depending on the time of day and light coming in.
We had a very stressful week as Tony left his new job. It was not working out at all for a variety of reasons, and as he was still in his probationary period, it was mutually decided that is was best if he leave. It was a bad situation, so it is for the best, but he is shell shocked and struggling with it.

October finishes were not stellar for me. The month started out so great, but I peaked when I started my new job. they are. Above is my attempt to finish "Darcy", a Schnibbles pattern. I got the blocks put together, but that was it.
Next is the two small wallhangings that I got a good start on, but again, not complete. I have done the satin stitching, but there are more finishing touches like buttons and a fringe for the snowman's scarf that need to be done.
I did complete my Beach House fabric quilt top and show it in this posting . I also did complete my Sassafras quilt top shown on this posting. In all honesty, after the 15th of the month I spent maybe two hours actually sewing. I did do a big clean up on my fabric- and tomorrow I plan to finish organizing that, and then decide what to do for November. How can it be so close to November??? How did that happen?
One of my November projects may just be my Quilt Along nine patch- I have a lot of catching up to do on that. I am trying to get into a routine with evening sewing and my new job, chores, dinners, etc. It has only been 2 and 1/2 weeks, so I shouldn't be hard on myself, but I have been extremely tired at night and not very that changes this week! That is my first project to complete for November- just get into a new routine...

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joantufts said...

I am certain those projects will get done eventually but with a family and life itself we need to prioritze.
They are all beautiful...

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