Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Do You Think?

As you can see my professional quilt holders were not at home this afternoon, so I have pinned the quilt to my design wall. I am not going to count this as a finish for CGQC yet as it doesn't feel finished to me. According to the pattern, there are no borders but I think especially as this is gift, I'd like to put borders on. I do have Beach House yardage and thought I would use the green dots for a 2.5 inch border and the green floral for binding. The blue is backing. It is a busy quilt and the picture doesn't do the colours justice. The green is quite limish green and very pretty, especially with the other colours. The borders would make it more of a quilt size for the back of a couch or the for end of a bed that she can pull up if she is cold in the night. I just need advise on what to use and where...

It is snowing and blowing and I have not even taken Chloe for her afternoon walk - I have to dig out my winter coat to do that, and that is just depressing. Dana's car is in for a winter tune up, changing to winter tires, etc and as far as I am concerned- just in time! I am going to take Chloe and walk up to get the mail, and then jump in a warm shower or tub after. If I don't come back, call the Mounties. They'll need their shovels!!!

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joantufts said...

I personnally like borders. I am working on one now that has no border but I am putting one on. I saw on TV snow was coming down your way. As I said before please please keep it there in the West for a little longer. It is so nice here my oldest daughter and her family are going to their last camping trip. It is a special pumpkin carving week-end in the park.
Happy sewing and have a great long Thanksgiving week-end!

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