Thursday, September 24, 2009


Another beautiful sunny day, and I can't resist sitting on the deck and finishing my book. I think we are so lucky to have had this wonderful weather past the middle of September, and we have to enjoy every minute. I have been busy finishing the blocks for Louisa and got them all done yesterday. Then by about 4pm I had half the blocks put together with the help of my buddy Chloe. I was eating licorice, and so she has to supervise anything involving food. I plan to finish the quilt top this week. For my other September project I was to cut out Sassafras, and got that done early in the month. So, now I plan to sew the quilt top and complete it before the end of September. Over and above my goals, so that makes me happy. Goal oriented is very good!

We have another date night tonight! Wow- two in one week...We have been invited to dinner by one of the restaurants that Tony frequents with clients as kind of a thank you for the business- sort of frequent "eater" miles! So I will get dressed up and drive into Calgary to take the train downtown to meet him. I look forward to a lovely meal, and the company.


Rhonda & her guys said...

Glad to see "happy" productive! ...and enjoy the date!

joantufts said...

Love your blocks! And thank you for the birthday wishes....You are part of the blessings I am counting....So exciting to connect with you and the CG.
Enjoy your date night! Nothing better than good food and good company!

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