Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Date Night

This will be a blog with no pictures! Oh the shame! This past weekend was very busy and I have not even walked through the door of my sewing room. Saturday night we went out for a pub dinner and then went to see Keith Urban! Wow- what a concert! Lady Antebellum opened for him and it was just a terrific concert and lovely evening. Keith Urban is a great entertainer and very gracious to all the fans. He came right into the crowd many times, giving his security a heart attack I'm sure. It was a stand up concert for the most part as he got everybody up and clapping and dancing. And he took the time at the end to shake the hands of many of the fans who were close enough and seemed to really appreciate everyone coming. The band was very good and they really seem to be there for the love of the music!

Now that I am a lady of leisure (for awhile!) I am going to spend most of the day today in my sewing room. So, the next blog should have some pictures of my progress on finishing my September projects for CGQC. This on line group has been great in motivating me into actually finishing projects, although I am always distracted by the thoughts of new projects!

Good luck to all you ladies in finishing your September projects- most much more ambitious than mine!

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joantufts said...

Enjoy your sewing day .. I love those days...

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