Tuesday, August 4, 2009

These are my plans...

It is pouring rain here today so as the pictures indicate, these are my plans for the day...I have finished one of my "to be done" projects for the Charming Girls Club, and so have started making a bag that I bought fabric for back in September or October. The pattern is from Fall 2008 Quilts and More magazine, called Pick a Pocket. It has side pockets and could be used for a diaper bag, shopping bag, or as I plan to use it- as a lunch bag/book carrier/purse to take to work. I also have many magazines and books to browse through, and it seems the perfect day for a cup of tea and browsing. Chloe and I have the house to ourselves, so we plan to have a lovely day! Who cares if it is raining??

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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Can't wait to see your bag -- and hope you had a wonderful day! It sure sounded like lots of fun (despite the rain)!

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