Sunday, July 26, 2009

Must be Sunday!

My son and his friend came for dinner last night bearing gladiolas. They are hard to grow here. They hold such a childhood memory for me as my grandmother in London, Ontario used to grow them in her garden and I always loved that her name was Gladys and one of her favorite flowers were gladiolas! These are just beautiful and the flowers are opening perfectly.
It was has been a quiet week on the quilting/crafting front. I will write my exam this week- Thursday or Friday (depending on how smart I feel by Tuesday night). Then look out! I have plans for the Charming Girls Club and more....!
Yesterday I went to the Saskatoon Berry Farm and got 2 clematis on sale so put them in my garden this morning. I have two objects for them to climb, so look forward to seeing them climb and bloom next summer. I also got a little silver metal planter that I envision with purple and red flowering plants next year.
Wish me luck this week!!

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