Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is Summer Finally Here?

We have finally been having some better weather and as a result we are getting out and walking more. Because I have vowed not to start any new projects until after my exam, I am finishing some paper projects and reading. And walking the dog...this is a pond right outside our door, and it is a stopping off place for many birds. I have to get a bird book because I see many more than I can identify. My birding skills are limited to robin, red wing blackbird, and Canada goose, so any book would help! Chloe likes to think she can catch the birds so she goes tearing after them, but always stops short of the water as she is scared of the water. Who knew a Golden Retriever could be scared of water??
We walk past some beautiful rolling hills and farm land. We live on the edge of a smallish town, and the rural acreages and farms are just across the highway from us. If it is a clear day we can see the tips of the mountains. The weekend morning walk is about 35 minutes and it is one of my favorite things, walking with my two sweeties- my husband and my Chloe.
This afternoon we are going to an Okotoks Dawgs game so hope the weather holds. It is Breast Cancer awareness day and the guys jerseys are auctioned off to raise money. Last year they raised $14,000.
This evening is time to putter in my studio I hope. I have to write my final exam on line the week of July 24-31, so will need to buckle down to study, and plan what projects I can work when the exam is over. I have a couple of ideas of what I am going do do as part of the Charming Girls Quilt Club, so just have to focus. Wish me luck with that!!??


comicbooklady said...

I recommend the Audobon Society Field guides as they use photos instead of drawings which I find makes it easier to identify the birds and they are quite comprehensive.

Rhonda & her guys said...

I enjoyed the pics - almost like being there!

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