Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cold and Wintry

We are having an extremely cold day, so a good one to hibernate.  Tony's birthday is tomorrow so we are having his brothers and sisters and assorted spouses over for lasagna tonight. The lasagna is made and since we also had guests for dinner last night, the house is clean, and I really just need to give the floors a quick sweep and make sure the guest bathroom is still clean.

So most of the day is mine...and judging by the state of my sewing room, I need to take some time to tidy up a bit.

What is the expression about messiness and a creative mind? Can't think of it, but I like to think this applies here...For me it is like a messy desk- I know where everything is, and what the plans are for the assorted piles, but it can feel a little crowded at times.

I had one vacation day left from 2013 so I took the day off work tomorrow, so the plan would be to (re)organize my sewing room today and spend the day sewing tomorrow.

I should also start putting the Christmas decorations away too, but I love the way the house looks at Christmas.

Have a wonderdful week, and I hope to have a few projects to share next time.


sunny said...

I love that cozy corner in your room! We're experiencing freezing rain today, and record low termperatures are predicted for the next couple of days. I'm keeping busy in the sewing dungeon, sewing and organizing. Have a great day!

Mad about Craft said...

Enjoy our sewing day!

Joan said...

Good to hear from you Anne! I miss those sewing sesions we had in CGQC. Hope 2014 will be the best ever for you and your family!

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