Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chloe's Play Date

Chloe has a play date, but doesn't quite get it.

This is Maggie. She seems to have taken over Chloe's job- begging for food, and cuddling with Tony.

This is Chloe being needy and jealous. She has been on top of me since Maggie came over this morning. They really don't pay attention to each other, and neither has had a nap all morning, so they'll be tired tonight. Maggie will be with us for the day, so maybe they'll socialize some as the day progresses...

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Kim said...

oOOOH...aaaaaaAAAHHHH - she no wanna playdate = tired girl after so many hours of guarding her people. Poor girl. Playdate dog looks nice enough and certainly cute as all get out. Hope they lighten up and take a little romp. Good luck with those kids! :-D

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