Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ever since I moved my sewing room I have been struggling with sewing time...the new area is in our basement in an alcove near the TV area. This is a good thing when I am home alone as I can see the TV from the sewing table. But in the evenings when Tony is home there is usually sports on- hockey, baseball, golf, football, MMA, you name it. Not what I would normally watch. Not only that but I can't listen to music or a book because it is too close the the TV yes, I am selfishly struggling... So, I've had a stern "talk to self" and am learning to live with it. I am using my iPod for music and books. I use my laptop to catch up on some TV shows, turned down low, or if I'm not moving about too much with a head set. It won't be this situation forever as the plan is when Dana leaves, I move into her bedroom. Not sure when this will happen but that is the plan.

I have finished this flimsy for a baby girl called Sarah Maureen. I wanted to see if she was a boy or a girl first, so have finished this in record time. The plan this weekend is to get it pinned and quilting at least started.

The picture doesn't do the colours justice but is lovely and soft for a baby girl. The back will be pieced from an assortment of scraps form the scrap cupboard.

I'm also still working on Whirligig as a leader and ender project. I am making good progress and am loving the scrappy look as I am not obsessive about not placing like fabrics together. This will be quilt for us in the TV room as the ones we use now are looking pretty ratty.

Today I am going to be home alone all day (my day off this week) so the plan is to figure out what to do next. I imagine keep on keeping on with Whirligig, piece another flimsy, and start a new project. Yahoo!!


krisgray said...

I have the same problem. My sewing corner is in the basement family room. When I'm home alone, I can get some good music or a movie. When DH and DS are home, it is sometimes hard to get motivated without my usual background noise.

Michelle said...

Love the girly quilt top!

Your post reminds me, I need to get me a sign that reads 'No Boys' Allowed!'! Not that it would help but I just want it on my door.

Wendy said...

Here, here. You need a place that helps set the right mood - not stress. Hope you find that place soon.

Cheryl said...

I feel so blessed that my sewing space does not include DH, although I have a TV if the mood to watch it should hit me. Enjoy your day!

Lisa said...

try using voice canceling earphones with your iPod ... I bought a pair (the cheap ones that are really ear buds with a little extra rubber) not the expensive ones made by Bose that make you look like an aviator! I use them when I quilt and there's other stuff going on around me and they do a GREAT job of blocking it all out. Just don't wear more than a couple of hours a day as they don't allow your ears to breath either ;-). Happy New Year!

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