Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm In Love

I bought the newest edition of Quilt Sampler, and have fallen on love with this quilt.

It is so my style and it just so appeals to me. It must have 3,000 pieces, but I have to make it!

I am going to substitute the orange with red, and make it from my stash. I have lots of reds, browns, and blue/greens that I want to use.

What I am working on is this.

This is Dana's pink and black quilt with some progress made....I have a black containment border to put on first, and then a wider pink border to add after. I think I may have just enough fabric to made a pretty pillow or two as well.

I am also working on Whirligig, another Miss Rosie/Carrie Nelson pattern. I have made this from Thimbleberries scraps, and can't wait to see how it turns out.

For now I have just squared up 180 hourglass blocks to become a part of a larger block. Boy, my wrists and back find it harder and harder to tolerate long hours of cutting and trimming.

Really today should be spent reading documents, but I am finding creative ways to avoid that...I am president of our condo association (136 villa style condos) and we are rewriting the by-laws. I have the first draft from the lawyer to well as a new insurance policy, and a contract renewal for our property management company. We have a board meeting on Thursday so I need to be able to talk about all this "stuff" by then. Wish me luck!!

Tomorrow afternoon is going to be my designated quilting time...

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mary-Frances said...

That's a great project from the those Quilt Samplers! I'd rather be quilting than reading those documents. Enjoy your weekend!

Carol said...

I absolutely LOVE that quilt...I really like your idea of red instead of the's going to be beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Wow, you have some big projects in the works and planned. nice to make a quilt from your stash. Enjoy your designated sewing time!

Carol said...

I love the Scattered Stars quilt too. I'm going to make mine in Blues & White.

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