Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's New?

Summer is winding down, and even though I haven't had little kids going back to school for years, it is still the same feeling. I see all the back to school sales, and the parents out shopping with their elementary school age kids, and I feel nostalgic. Go figure...Dana does head back to 4th year nursing in a few weeks, but she doesn't need me for any help in preparing for that!

Our summer was very busy socially and I had very little time to sew or make cards. Now, I can feel that I have more time, and am excited. So, this is what I am up to:

THIS  is the easy peasy quilt I have been working on as one of my leaser/ ender finishes. Unfortunately I had two side borders on before I realized on block was turned the wrong way.

Now it is sitting on my footstool waiting for me to watch TV and unstitch. ARRGGHH!!! The frustrating part is that I checked it before I started with the borders, and of course it is not a block on the bottom row, oh no! So this lovely will be shown on a better day.

I have started a scrap quilt  to use a lot of my old Thimbleberries fabric. I am making another Miss Rosie quilt called Whirligig.

As with all Carrie Nelson's quilts there are many pieces, and many flying geese. I have all my geese made and will start squaring them up today.

As a leader/ender project I am making this pattern called Split Decision with Aviary by 3 Sisters. I have had the pattern and fabric for quite awhile, and decided it would make a beautiful baby girl quilt.

I have several baby quilts to make, so this one should be done in lots of time.

This weekend I am going to put Dana's pink and black quilt top  together, and also my previous Miss Rosie finish, Stella Blue. Both will go to the quilter as my back cannot handle quilting anything much larger than a twin size quilt. Saving my pennies for that!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

P. S.   Blogger is not letting me post this...says I can't use "&" in my labels. Do you see any & in my labels?? OK, I've taken the labels out and will try again.


joan said...

Lots to do and all gorgeous!I feel the time for sewing and crafting is near and I have a few projects lined up also. I think fall is my favorite time and it is just around the corner♥
Happy Sewing!

sunny said...

I think of back-to-school time as a time for new beginnings. Maybe more so than New Year's. I'm so ready for this hot summer to be over. Because of dh's health issues, we have only had the kayaks out a couple of times, so there's not much need for summer heat.

Cheryl said...

Great projects! I love the baby quilt! Sweet fabrics and a great choice of design. Have fun!

Mary-Frances said...

You have some wonderful projects there! I love the Aviary fabric too, what a sweet quilt that will be.

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