Monday, August 15, 2011

Odds and Ends

Just before Tony's Dad passed away in June, his Mom who has been in an assisted living facility for several years, decided that she wanted to start giving her treasures away. She had made a list years ago to state who gets what, but she wanted to distribute the gifts while she is alive. We had a family dinner, and then some of her things were distributed. Tony and I got this beautiful tea pot:

and this cute silver dish. I need to polish it up and decide how to display it.
My favorites items are this beautiful round table and the two crystal lamps. I am letting them sit for now as I think about how to incorporate them into our home. The trim on the lamps is brass and I am thinking I can spray paint them silver.

We are very grateful for her generosity and cherish the items she gave us. She has always been the best mother in law I could have asked for.

We also got a 25th wedding anniversary gift, brought all the way from Ontario to Alberta. It was our 25th last year, and my girlfriend in London, Ontario had commissioned her sister to make this for us.

My friend's son was traveling to Calgary, so we met up with him, and he brought this beautiful gift. It has taken me a week, but I think I have decided where it will go.

I could not get a setting on my camera to take a good picture of this. Even on a cloudy rainy day the light is too strong...anyway this is a small northeast facing widow over our fireplace. It truly showcases the colours in this beautiful stained glass all day. Now I need to get a few small glass items to place up there with my newest addition to the "Sunflower Collection".

Tony is away for work for 2 weeks, back on August 26. I don't think we've apart for 2 weeks before, and it will be a long 2 weeks, definitely more so for him. It is just me and the dog, as Dana is away for her summer holiday for another week...I will post some quilting finishes as I will have lots of time to sew.

This is Chloe's sad face after Tony left this morning. Oh, wait is that just a tired face??

Have a wonderful week.


sunny said...

Great treasures! Many years ago, my mom asked us what we'd like to have of hers, and I named three items. She immediately got them and handed them over. I'm sure they wouldn't have meaning to anyone else, and have no monetary value. Enjoy your treasures.

Cheryl said...

My mother is doing the same thing. Your new treasures are is so nice you have such a great relationship with your MIL.
The stained glass piece is especially lovely...happy belated anniversary.

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