Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Plans

Last night when I went to bed I thought I might be getting a cold, but today I am sure...I am drinking tea, and hot water with echinacea, and hoping I can fend this darn thing off. Tony is away for work in northern B.C., and hoping to golf today and tomorrow. This is longest we have been apart, and I'm not liking it. The bright side is that we have a vacation to look forward to. Dana will be home from her vacation, and ready to look after the house, and we can head out.

So today:
  • walk Chloe-check
  • have breakfast, coffee, read the paper-check
  • sweep, dust, vacuum-check
  • water my plant pots, and my neighbours, too-check
  • read email, facebook and  google reader-check
  • fix quilt top that had the block turned the wrong way-check

  • have lunch on the deck in the sun-check
  • finish Aviary blocks for baby quilt-tcheck

  • get on the treadmill-check
  • work on blocks for Whirligig-to be done
  • sit on the deck in late afternoon with a glass of wine and my book-to be done
  • sit and watch recorded shows after dinner and hand sew bindings-to be done
As you can see Chloe has her day well planned, too:
  • sleep/repeat-check
All in all, a good day. Hope yours is as well.

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Carol said...

I'm so glad you're having a good day! Chloe is having the same kind of day as my Howie and Zack...LOL!
ENJOY your evening!

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