Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Plans

I have been working full time in my new job for a few weeks as my boss has gone off to get married in Costa Rica. So...I am three weeks in at this job and am on my seems to be going well, but you don't know what you don't know right?? Tuesday of next week I will be back to my usual 1/2 day hours. Then again for almost the whole month of May I will be working full time as she takes a honeymoon.

Consequently I have been doing very little sewing and am feeling the need. Tony has gone to Fairmont, British Columbia this weekend to golf as their weather warms up and dries up before ours, so the courses are open. I am going to enjoy the weekend and plan to sew and also to get a few new projects cut out. The weather is supposed to be the best we have had yet, so long walks with Chloe will also be on the agenda. Doesn't this look like a dog who can't wait to go for a long walk??

I have started making Stella Blue from a kit made up for me by Kelly at Cotton Charm Quilts a year or two ago. There are lots of Flying Geese, one of my favorites, so plan to get right into it today.

I also have a good start on Dana's pink and black quilt, and intend to get this pile done this weekend.

The past few weeks I have been too tired to sew, so I continue to work on cutting scraps into useable pieces, and then storing them  

Many scrap quilts are in my future...

Have a wonderful weekend. What will you be doing?


Mary-Frances said...

I hope to spend a more time in my sewing room and less time cleaning the house. :-) Your projects look good, it will be nice to get back to your regular hours so you can spend some time working on projects. Have a good weekend.

Cheryl said...

What better way to spend a weekend...long walks with the dog and sewing in a house all to yourself!!

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