Friday, March 25, 2011

New Schedule

This morning I woke to fog and thick frost on the trees. It is just below 0 and it almost noon and the frost has not yet melted. It is a dull dreary day with no sign of the sun, so this will be an inside day sewing, reading and catching up on paperwork. I do tend to procrastinate on the paperwork.
I have just finished my second week of my new job and I am exhausted. I am one of those people who thrives on a schedule, so anytime my schedule changes it takes me forever to adjust...just like a two year old...I have not been sewing much at all- just doing some cutting of fabric scraps into 2.5 and 5 inch pieces.

I have been working on a couple of charity quilts. These blocks are ready to be sewn into rows, and will make a fairly large lap quilt. 

This morning I started Dana's pink and black quilt. Lots of split units to make!!! That is my afternoon unfolding before me... 
But should I save this little cut off triangle? It will trim off to a 1.5 inch HST triangle, and I hate to waste the fabric. 

I took this picture (not to endorse this wine as I have not tasted it), because of the cute label. I love sunflowers and I may try to pull the label off just to save it...We belong to a group at our local wine store called the Wine Station and we get 6 bottles of wine every 2 months to try. They have always been "new to us" wines, and we have only had one red that we didn't like at all. Couldn't even use it for cooking it was so bad. Love the label on this one, so hope it tastes great too. Tony has been gone all week, and arrives home around dinner time tonight, so we may just taste this tonight. 

Have a great weekend, and since I am having a rather lazy day, this quote is appropriate...

There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day.
Alexander Woollcott

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