Monday, January 10, 2011

Windy Wintery Weather

We have had the most amazing (not in a good way) days of weather. We woke up Saturday morning to snow and extreme winds. That continued until into the night last night. Now the wind has died down and it is very cold. The wind blew so hard that our walking pathway behind our home is impassable and poor Chloe has to do her business quickly and isn't getting her usual long walks.

That snow is waist high and I can imagine it will take the town workers some time to get that plowed with the mini plow...I don't think the actual accumulation was that much, but the wind was incredible, causing white out conditions. We drove into Calgary Saturday night for a dinner with our son, and drove home after with our four way flashers on the vehicle. Sunday we did not go out, so I did some of this:

I cleaned my pattern and book baskets and have a pile of books to donate to the local library. I hope they will take them.
Tony was supposed to head out "on the road again" but with all the highway closures he worked at home today and will head out tomorrow. He was heading into one of the worst hit areas, so hopefully by Tuesday it will be better.
I am making 96 HST triangles and have a pile on the ironing board to iron, so that is my task tonight. Tomorrow after work, I will be making more...hopefully will feel progress by the end of the week...and a picture worthwhile enough to show.
Have a wonderful week!


Cindy said...

Yeah, I found you again. I lost several blogging friends as I'm starting Google reader. My fault - you know - "that" learning is tough sometimes...LOL

I'm loving your snow. How many months, Anne, does it last ?

joan said...

You guys really got it bad in the West this year.. We have not had any snow yet:( but I guess it's on its way tomorrow.:) I would like to have a quilting day!Looking forward to seeing your project with the HST. They are a bummer to make but I love the looks of them in a quilt.
Take care.. Don't drive out unless you have to on those roads! Stay safe!

Sharon said...

We got the snow on Monday, and the wind and frigid temps were supposed to hit today, but so wind, just cold. Stay warm, and look forward to seeing your project. I plan to work on the quilt along Lori is doing over at Humble Quilts, and curl up under a quilt with my book.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! Way to go on the organizing - can't wait to see that picture!!!

sunny said...


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