Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Snowy Sunday

After looking outside this morning to see this...

I decided that it would be a day for this...

*this is where i would insert 2 photos, but blogger is not letting me...*

photo 1- picture of a comfy chair  in front of the fireplace with my library book, and a new quilting magazine

photo 2- picture of a block that I am going to work on today

Sure hope you like those photos! And now I see that I am getting an error message "An error occurred while saving", and it won't let me preview...I think I'll cut my losses, and post this to see what happens.

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the upcoming week!


sunny said...

Blogger has been a beast lately! I'm sure whatever you're working on is wonderful, and we'll get a picture later. Have fun!


It must be the weather--nothing wants to work right--not even me!!! They are saying we might get some snow this week too--and lots of cold--
oh well--there is always lots to do here--
Keep stitching--
Hugs, di

Betty Lou said...

I think we are going to get some of that really cold weather this week, just in time for Super Bowl.

Mary-Frances said...

Hope you enjoyed your day, we'll see the photos when Blogger isn't feeling so cranky.

Cheryl said...

Sent by way of Camp Gramma! Look forward to following your blog.

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