Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prize Received

On Sunday I had Tagalong Schnibbles on the floor to baste and my helper was working hard as you can see...Tony had to offer treats to get her out of the way so I could get this done. She gets in those awkward sleeping positions that don't seem comfortable, but judging by the snoring sounds coming from that direction, it must have been fairly comfortable.

Last night when I got home from work I was exhausted having driven to and from work with my hands gripped to the steering wheel. We had about 10cm of snow Monday night and it had rained before the snow came, so driving was treacherous. I like my job, but dislike a lot of other things in the work place, so I was ready to relax, and maybe read. I went to the mailbox, and my first of three winnings was in the mail. That cheered me up right away!

Sunny from Quilting Dreams sent me this wonderful box full of treats. Chocolate, of course, along with  3 fat quarters of Kansas Troubles Wrapped in Paisley, a pattern called Birds and Flowers, a little gingerbread man Christmas tree decoration, and a lovely handmade card. And,  it was all wrapped up in a beautiful fabric bag. Wow!! Thanks so much, Sunny!

I had a terrible sleepless night so might crawl back into bed and try to catch an hour of sleep before work. The drive will be bad again this morning as there was more snow last night. Can't wait for Friday!


Mary-Frances said...

Congrats Annie, your gifts are lovely. Driving in this weather is awfully stressful - hope the roads are good for you.

Michelle said...

OH, what a sweet package!

Is it Friday yet?!?!?! LOL!

Linda said...

Oh lucky you. That is a very nice prize. We don't have snow where I live - but I feel for you that it's a tough drive.

Karen said...

I think I can work as hard as Tony. I can see you have quite a helper.

Kim said...

I listen to pets snoring and soon feel a need for a nap myself! Glad you made the drive okay, it's been like that here in northern MN recently. A fun prize you found in the mail. :-D

Lee said...

annie just found your blog from Lisa Marie's. I was just trying to piece a quilt together and like your cat, my dog comes running to sit on the quilt top!! argh. I will have to wait for a day when she is sleeping. I hope the Deerfoot is better tomorrow.

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