Sunday, November 14, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The theme For November/December in our Charming Girls Quilt Group is  Christmas traditions, recipes, stories etc. today I will pass on a funny story from when my kids were little.

I am sure that most of us who have children have run into this issue. When Santa came to our house he always put his presents under the tree, and the other gifts from family and friends were moved to either the dining room table or couch.  The year Neil was 4 he ran into the living room, looked under the tree and then over to the other presents and exclaimed loudly "Look Mom- Santa has the same wrapping paper as us!!" I covered that bloop by saying that there must have been a sale on this paper and Mrs Claus ended up buying the same paper....the next Christmas Santa used different paper...That was the same year that Dana got an ear infection on Christmas Eve and Tony had to take her to Emerg at about 11pm. I still can see her sad little face as they went out the door to the hospital. Luckily she got antibiotics right away and she felt somewhat better the next morning.

This week I bought myself a new toy.

Next to quilting my favorite thing to do is read, and I have wanted one of these for awhile. What I really want is an iPad but I am waiting for the prices to go down on those. So in the meantime I got my reader, and really look forward to using it. I can borrow ebooks from the library so have put myself on the wait list for a few books. I am sure the main usage for this will be when we travel so then I won't have to take 5-6 books when we go to Mexico. Especially now that we pay extra money for heavy bags when flying.

Hope everyone has a great week and lots of creative sewing time!

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Lisa Marie said...

SO Jealous Annie! I have been looking at e-readers for awhile but can't decide which one to buy. Why did you choose the Sony? Just curious ~ I was seriously considering the Kobo from Chapters. Have you heard any feedback on it? And where and when do you go to Mx? We go to Mzt everyear in Feb and I just booked our tickets for 2011. We love it there and this will be our 6th trip

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