Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Weekend so far....

We had snow here yesterday...not lots, but enough to scare us and remind us that winter is on the way. Too bad...
We went to a wine tasting last night with some friends and made friends with a couple of fantastic new (to us) wines. The theme of the night was Spain and we had a different kind of tapas with each taste. We bought a white and a red to have at home for special occasions. These are not quaffing wines, but wines to savour with a lovely meal. It was a fun night and I learned lots. My taste buds were off because of my cold, but the wine and the food still tasted great!
This weekend is not too busy so I have a little of this planned:
 and a little of this planned. My nose was a mess from blowing for so many days so I went to Shopper's Drug Mart to look for a cream that wouldn't burn my skin. The helpful lady recommended Zinc cream- as in baby's bum cream, and it works great. It makes my nose white so I have to remember to wipe it off when I walk Chloe!
I have to do a little of this as Tony was gone all week, and the basket is piled high.
 But, I plan to do lots of this!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sharon said...

SNOW??? Oh my, not ready for that yet, but I know it will be here soon! Hope you are feeling better and got some time in your sewing room this weekend.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh the wine tasting sounds SO fun! I'm sorry to hear you've been sick - hope you're all better now! And, hope you had a blast reading and sewing this weekend! I'm working on Lucy In The Sky now for my mom for Christmas - can't wait to see yours!

Linda said...

Sick? Yikes that's horrible. I do hope you feel better. I love your material for Lucy in the Sky. And your table runner! I've never seen a table runner placed that way on the table. I'm going home and doing the same to mine.

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