Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Boring Today

A friend of mine and I used to email each other on a very regular basis. Sometimes we'd start or end the post with "I'm boring today". That would just mean "hello- don't have much to say".....That is how I have felt all week, so have struggled with just what to post about. Fall has hit us full force and I am in my winter mode, hunkering down in the evening with warm clothes. We have had a couple of hard frosts and snow is predicted for tonight. Sigh!!!! I keep falling asleep in front of the TV, so I need to snap out of it!!! Time to take action!!!!
As Tony is gone into northern Alberta all week, and Dana is on evenings at the hospital, I am by myself every evening. That in itself is daunting, so I decided action was called for.  I am taking on one chore every night. Nothing earth shattering but something to give me my second wind, so that I don't feel so tired and can take advantage of my sewing time. So for example I am going to organize the important papers filing cabinet, and take some books to the used book store for credit. I also have a hair cut tomorrow evening and a dentist appointment Thursday after work. The sewing time will come after the chore is done, so that is the motivation.

This was my chore for tonight- label all my fabric containers. These are projects waiting to be cut out....

Tagalong is coming the Wicasset fabric- those reds and blues are great. I am finishing squaring up the blocks tonight.

 Oh, look you can see my reflection! Just noticed that...This is Park Avenue by 3 Sisters and I have started a quilt along from the Fat Quarterly blog using a jelly roll. It is quick and I wanted to do something that would show this beautiful fabric off. There are 80 blocks to sew, so I have been chain piecing like crazy.

This will be my week, in a nutshell. Soon it will be Friday and Tony will be home, and I will feel like I accomplished something this week.  Maybe not so boring after all!!??


Cindy said...

You're NOT boring. You're BUSY!!!!

sunny said...

We all need that feeling of accomplishment! I think one chore a night is a good way to make steady progress. You don't want to be too tired to sew!

Karen said...

You aren't boring at all!

Carol said...

Not boring at're getting lots done. Love Park Avenue!

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