Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Quilting Day

I have both blocks done for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along- fitting job done for National Quilting Day. Also I almost have the quilt top done for the quilt I am making for Tony- more on that tomorrow...Tony is away this weekend so I am getting lots done. I am soon going to jump in the shower as I have been invited to our neighbour's home for dinner.
Chloe went to the spa again this week and looks just beautiful. At least this time they didn't shave her, so she's not embarrassed at all. She is ever vigilant looking out our patio doors for rogue doggies...
I am getting some embroidery work ready for our trip. These are 2 patterns from Lynette Anderson Designs and I hope to work on these while Tony is golfing. I have a pile of magazines and books as well, so I'll be in geek heaven. I take used paperbacks from the local used book store and leave them behind- I normally use the library but the hardcovers are too heavy to take. We leave in just over one week, so I am getting pretty excited. Work has been very stressful lately with 4 people resigning this week, and knowing just how short staffed we will be ...nuf said... vacation couldn't come at a better time! I can just taste the margarita on the rocks as we cook dinner and watch the sun go down.



My Chole looks dashing from his "grooming" session!!! This week will go fast and then you will be "off" to have some fun in the sun, by the sounds!!!
Hugs, Di
love your jelly roll blocks--great job!!

Melody said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your blocks look great. How wonderful to be going on vacation! I hope the week passes quickly for you.

Kim said...

Miss Chloe and all things quilty are looking good at your house, but a vacation sounds absolutely wonderful. Enjoy a margarita for me!

Cindy said...

Chloe looks beautiful. And she looks quite content gazing out your patio door. Our dogs always do that in the kitchen windows - No matter how often I clean the lower part, there's always doggy nose prints...but, I'm gotten used to the fact that "this" will always be. LOL

Aren't you just loving these Jelly Roll blocks, so fast and easy? I am so happy I joined in on this one because it's nice to whip something up that isn't too hard on the brain.

Okay, I'm at a loss here - where are you heading out to? Camping?

Lisa Marie said...

'Hello from another Alberta!
Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.

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