Thursday, January 21, 2010


It all started with very good intentions...The Olympic Torch came through our town on Monday this week, and we would literally have been able to see it from our deck. So Sunday night I was showing Tony how to use the camera as I had to work on Monday. I called home in the afternoon to ask how it went and he said he couldn't get any pictures as the camera wasn't working. I was so disappointed! I think in the course of the lessons Sunday night we left the camera on (not to point the finger, but I'm sure it was him! Haa!) so the battery was dead on Monday. But, he did get me this flag, and I did see it in our little weekly newspaper- just like having my own pictures, right?
In 1988 the Winter Olympics were in Calgary, and we were living in Calgary at that time. I have very fond memories of that time as we did stand in the crowds and watch the torch bearer run down Centre Street. The beauty of it was that I was 9 months pregnant, so people were very gracious and allowed our group of friends a front row view. I am convinced that people thought I would go into labour right there! I almost did, as Dana was born a few days later on the day of the closing ceremonies. I remember walking the halls of the hospital and seeing the replays of Elizabeth Manley's silver metal figure skating win. So, we have always called her our Olympic baby, and have been lucky enough to have had her with us these last (almost) 22 years.

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