Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do Dogs Get Embarrassed?

This wall quilt Snowy Day Snowmen is finally complete and hung on one of my newly painted walls. Since this is a winter quilt and not just for Christmas, it will likely stay up until close to spring. I guess that means I need to plan what to put up there for the next rotation! I do love it, and even though there are panels that are part of it, there are also many small HST's as well. I love the colours and the snowmen are just so cute.

I am wondering if Chloe is embarrassed. She was at the groomer's yesterday, and they shaved her almost bald. She is a Golden Retriever, but now looks like a yellow Lab! I feel embarrassed for her! I curse the long hair on a daily basis, but this is far too short! Remember the days when you (or your mother) cut your bangs too short, and you were embarrassed for weeks? I think she may be feeling that way. Tony said she went back to bed after I walked her and left for work. She never does that...a sure sign of depression. She was probably afraid that one of her neighborhood boyfriends would see her in her usual place laying by the sliding doors. Poor thing. She won't need a haircut now for months, and I'm sure will make a dash for it when we pull up in front of the groomers. Smart girl!

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Luv 2 Kreate said...

Same thing with our maltipoo, after being shaved he hides. He will burrow under the covers so no one can see him. He does this for about a month. I think he is embarassed and feels naked!

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