Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three More Days!

This is what arrived in the mail today from my sister in law in London, Ontario- I just love it and postcards are on my list of things to try...on that very long list! She is a very talented quilter who seems to need no patterns -just her imagination. Her blog is on my side list- the "quilt as desired" lady. Check her out.
Tony is away in Nisku learning about pump jacks (woohoo!!) and I was up early this morning after having slept 8 1/2 hours! The last time I did that was probably 6-8 months ago. Anyway Chloe and I went on our weekend walk this morning because I had the time. Here is a farmers field on the way back home- back into the suburbs...lovely sunny September morning- I was wishing I had my mitts, but now I have my shorts on!
My CGQC September projects are shaping up-one completed, so more on that this weekend.

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