Saturday, August 29, 2009

Second CGQC Project done

The quilt for my niece is done, and ready to give to her tomorrow at the family get together for her. This is also my second project completed for the Charming Girls Quilt Club. Now I am trying to decide what to work on for my projects for September. Work will be very busy in September and I may be working some weekends so I may just assign myself one project to complete so that I don't feel pressured to work on something when I am overtired. That is when I make mistakes and get frustrated, and it is much more fun to sew for fun! Decisions, decisions....

When I took Chloe for her walk this morning the pond was spectacular, as it was been a hot day on Friday and very cool overnight, and a mist was rising from it. Glad I had my camera. We live right on the edge of town, so WalMart is across the street from the pond, and a farmer's field across the other side of the street. I love my weekend walks and this morning saw 3 hawks cruising over the farmer's field across the road.

More early next week on the chosen project/projects.

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joantufts said...

Oh ! I love the quilt.. the colors are on my list of favourites. What fabric is that?

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