Monday, August 24, 2009

One CGQC Project done.

The Moda Sweet Treats bag is done, and I gave it to my daughter. It works up very quickly and it quite easy. I almost feel guilty for choosing it as a project to finish...but not too guilty! I will make more for gifts and one for myself. I always forget to give myself some of the things that I make-why is that?? I had to change my second project that I had planned to finish. Originally I had planned to get the binding done on a Christmas quilt, but was forced to change plans. I am still doing binding -on a larger quilt though. My niece is moving to New York City at the end of the month- that would be next week!- and I was in the process of finishing a quilt for her. So now that I have a moving date I need to finish it for her, and I hope she will take it with her for "comfort". She is going to try her hand at acting and comedy after living in Vancouver and not getting much work there. The going away party is Sunday night August 31, so I have to be done by then.

The picture above is from my walk yesterday morning. The water on both ponds was like glass and it was just beautiful

My husband is on his second week with his new job, and is traveling Alberta to see pump jacks in action...WhooHooo!!! I have not had a very productive few weeks in my sewing room, but now that work is back on schedule I feel like I am on a better schedule. I work for a school board and school starts tomorrow, so we are very busy again- new teacher hires etc....tonight will be busy in the sewing room, too- since I am home alone! I love my alone time. I love when Tony is home, too, but I never accomplish as much- that is until hockey season starts, and I might as well be home alone!

I recorded the Sex and the City movie so might just watch that tonight and get some binding sewn on the butterfly quilt for my niece.Sounds like a plan!


Melody said...

Your sweet treats bag is very cute!

Rhonda & her guys said...

Your bag is lovely, bright and colourful! Have you started the next one yet? :)

joantufts said...

Love your can never only make one! Can't wait to see your next project!

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