Thursday, July 2, 2009

One down!

I have finished Strip Search by G.E. Designs made with 2 1/2 inch strips. I had almost all the strips sewn together, sitting in the closet for about a year. So, this week I made the blocks and a there is not border to this pattern, I am done! I just have to sew the blocks together and will do that either today or tomorrow. It is very warm looking and almost masculine. The first picture shows my design wall on Monday and the second is today with all the blocks laid out. It is a bit of a struggle laying blocks on the floor as Chloe seems to think she has to lay on them. I managed to get her out on the deck so I could do this with no interference.
My next project has to be card making. It is my son's birthday, mother's birthday, brother's birthday, and our anniversary all this month so I need to focus on that next. I missed making a card for my parents anniversary which is this weekend, so will call them instead. I have a few ideas percolating but need to clean off the other desk in order to get started. That I will do this afternoon so I can jump into it tomorrow morning!
This has ended up being a busy week of vacation with social stuff, but I also managed to get one project done and maybe more, as it is only Thursday! Yay!!

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