Monday, June 1, 2009


On Sunday afternoon I finally managed to spend a few hours in my sewing room, and got my quasi bento box put together. I made the 1/4 blocks in the winter and had done nothing with them. Yesterday I put the pieces of the blocks together to make one big block, and then put the blocks on the design wall, and then, sewed the quilt top together! I like the way it looks and I like the fact I feel more motivated. It is made from a fabric I bought several years ago called Star Struck by the Buggy Barn for Henry Glass. I also had blocks made from a scrappy bunch of Christmas fabrics that I have laid out and am putting together. It is quite busy so may put black borders between the rows and around the quilt just to tone it down. More on that later...I also had my quilting room helper, my muse, there to lend a helping hand. She loves the sunny room so comes in to lay in the sun and keep me company.

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