Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Blues

Today is going to be my day in my "studio" (as I have been told to call it), but here it is almost noon and I have yet to wander that way. I am studying this morning as I have a midterm to write on line sometime between June 5-12. I sat on the deck in the sun for awhile, but the wind came up  and I had to come inside anyway to answer my chapter questions on line. My husband is coaching rugby this morning and will pick up groceries on his way home. He is on what we call a "recession vacation" and so some of the household chores have become his in the last few months. He has been out of work since February and so my new motto for the studio is "use what you have". This is really not a problem as I have lots to use, and prevents me from buying more at the moment.... 
Time to have lunch and decide what to work on this afternoon-I am having a bit of a creativity issue, so might start something new to spur on the juices.

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