Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

I have had blogger's block over the past several months, and have just not felt like I had much to share. I've never been a prolific blogger anyway but now I am down to just a couple of posts a month.

I started reading blogs several years ago when my creative sister in law started her own blog.  I thought I could do that and it might be a good way to kinda keep in touch with friends and family in Ontario- they could read my blog and know what I was up to. Mostly it has been a quilting blog, and now over the past few months, I've not written much at all. I read many blogs, most of those quilting blogs, and everything from Barbara Brackman and her history of quilting to  The Bitchy Stitcher who makes me laugh. I enjoy reading about everyone's creativity but seriously- where do people find the time to not only be so creative, but to write about it every day as well? This is not a criticism of anyone, but don't you wonder sometimes?

I work almost full time. I am a wife, mother, doggie mother, and a volunteer. I love to read and play Suduko. I am a card maker and poor scrapbooker. I keep fit. I visit with friends and family. I also love to quilt, and time spent in any kind of quilting pursuit is when I am most relaxed and happy. (Note to Tony- second only to you, hun.)

So, in answer to my own question, I blog to share my creativity, and hope that I might write about something interesting, but I don't always have anything quilty to share. I plan on sharing a few more parts of my life, and not just talk about quilting because although I tell people "I am a quilter",  I am much more than that.

And in order to not have a pictureless post, I will share this:

Tony with his girlfriend. I am a very understanding woman.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Darlene said...

Just enjoy your blog in whatever capacity - no obligation to anyone. I read every time you post although sadly I don't always leave a comment. :-)

Colleen said...

Hi Annie. I don't think I've commented before, but I've been reading your blog for the last few months - and enjoy your style and your pictures.

sunny said...

It's your blog, you can write about anything you want! Or as often as you want. My blog is my scrapbook. There's, quilting, travel, and sometimes my troubles. I enjoy reading whatever you write, and seeing pictures of quilts and Chloe.

quiltmom said...

I am not a prolific blogger or quilter- Life is full of various demands- I do my best to blog at least twice a month - sometimes I get more pieces in - sometimes less. Like others have said, its your blog and you have no obligation to anyone. I am always glad to stop in and see what you are up to.
Hope you did not have any damage from the winds recently.
Blogging is suppose to be fun- I love the connections I have with other quilters.
Love the photo of your beloved and your family pet Chloe.
Warmest regards,

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