Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Fall Day

We decided to head into Calgary today and visit with Tony's Mom, but also to head out on one of our favorite pathways for a long walk. The walk is around the Glenmore Reservoir and takes us (at a good pace) about 2.5 hours. We brought a picnic lunch and took turns carrying the back pac. It was very warm, and I had a sleeveless top on and was quite comfortable.

Who wouldn't love these views?

There were lots of sailboats out and it got quite windy by the time we were done.

I just can't remember when the leaves turned. Seems we woke up one morning and it was done. So pretty though!

By the time we drove home the wind was out of control and poor Chloe was cowering in our master bath. When she is afraid she hides in there between the toilet and the tub...go figure. She is laying here beside me now, just shaking. Poor baby!!

Have a great week!


sunny said...

Pretty pictures! SOunds like alovely walk - wish I had been there.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Such gorgeous pictures!! I do so love fall - and it is gorgeous where you are! How are you liking the new sewing space? I love it that you moved - and don't have to worry about leaving your stuff out now :)!!! Hugs!!!

Tara S-J said...

Thanks for the pictures. I grew up in Lakeview along Glenmore park and forgot how much I missed walking around the dam and seeing the sail boats. I also recognize the SS Moire from Heritage Park out on the water :).

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