Monday, February 21, 2011

What the...???

We have the same service provider for internet, phone and cable. Yesterday they were having an "issue" and we had no connections for most of the day...Wow! What did we do before we had internet and 4,000 channels to watch? Now of course Google Reader has 250 items for me to read, but I did get caught up on my email. My laptop will be crawling into bed with me tonight so I can catch up with all my bloggy "friends".  I did however finish reading a book on my eReader and started another. 

I have many quilt tops completed that I have promised myself to quilt up and finish this year. I bought a  sewing machine specifically so that I can quilt most tops myself, so I have been practicing. I am not always pleased with the results, but it is a work in progress and hope that I will improve. 

This is what I am working on:

This is from a quilt along that I did late last year from Amy's Creative Side. This is in the line up to be quilted. 

This is also in line to be quilted, and I plan to hang it in our dining area for spring/summer. 

The deal is to start a project I have to finish two projects. I can work on them simultaneously but nothing new will be started until the older ones are completed.  Yay me!!!

Wish me luck...


Michelle said...


Cheryl said...

It does help me keep on task to publicly declare my intentions, so I hope it helps you. Have fun quilting.

Kim said...

I like these quilts - the second will be just perfect for hanging this summer! :-D

Camille said...

Beautiful sampler! So fun to visit your blog and see all the projects you are working on. Keep it up!

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