Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Should Buy a Lotto Ticket

In the past few weeks I have won 2 quilty prizes from other bloggers. I won a surprise gift from Sunny at Quilting Dreams for wishing her well on her 100th post. Then yesterday I got an email from Kelly at Charming Chatter to say I had won a $25 gift certificate from her store Cotton Charm Quilts. I am going to go shopping right away and use that gift certificate. I may buy a lottery ticket for the draw tonight...

This morning Tony and I drove into Calgary to just wander around the 17th Ave area and have some lunch- a nice leisurely morning. I am not a shopper but I bought myself this pendant.

It says: the secret to staying young is live honestly eat well drink wine laugh often and lie about your age.  I love it and think that is pretty much my motto for life. But, I don't lie about my age as I believe I have earned every wrinkle and roll.

Now off I go to do some fabric shopping and spend my gift certificate. Have a wonderful weekend!!


Peggy said...

that's wonderful!send some of your luck accross the atlantic please!!!! delighted for you

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Big Congrats to you! Hope you enjoy your fabric and patterns! And - I SO heart that pendant! Great sentiment! Oh - and I hope you bought that lottery ticket LOL!

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