Thursday, July 29, 2010


This is my good friend Rhonda (on the right). She is the type of person who is welcoming and warm and when we see each other- once every two years- it is like we have just had coffee together the day before. We were roommates back in the 80's and in each others wedding party, so we "go back". We are from the same small town in Ontario, but now she still lives in Ontario and I live in Alberta. She is very artistic and makes the most beautiful folded paper greeting cards. She is a loving wife and mother with a wonderful husband, and has four (mostly adult) boys.

Rhonda has been researching a therapy called Liberation Procedure, and she and I want everyone to be aware of this procedure as it is not currently available for MS patients in Canada. Rhonda has MS and would like to be able to undergo this procedure. It is basically non-invasive angioplasty, to correct the medical condition  CCSVI or chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. It was discovered and named by Dr Paolo Zamboni. The condition is a narrowing or blockage in one or both of the jugular veins and/or azygous veins in the neck. Dr Zamboni believes that CCSVI may be responsible for many of the MS symptoms. So much so that his own wife who has MS was the impetus of his research and was one of the first persons to be Liberated. She has remained symptom free since. Many Canadians with MS go abroad to have the procedure, at a high personal expense. What Rhonda and many of her fellow Canadians and MP's have been doing is lobbying the federal and provincial governments for the chance to have scanning and correction/Liberation Procedure now, with the results and follow ups to be used for government research. With every day lost, the potential to become further disabled grows.

Rhonda means a lot to me so I try to follow info in the media about CCSVI and Liberation Therapy. Here is a Facebook page of interest. Also please sign this petition if you can.

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Mandy said...

God I hope it's available here soon! There was a lady in my home town who just came back from Poland

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