Sunday, November 15, 2009

Half Pint Quilt Behind

This is my living area now, and I think it looks great! Some of the pictures have been hung, but I think I may rotate others, so am going to live with it for awhile. It looks cozy and inviting and you can see my hand sewing sitting on the ottoman.
Today I got Half Pint laid out for sewing. I piled each row and numbered them for my sewing desk, because if I left it on the floor Chloe would have laid on it. I had to shoo her away several times in order to get this done.
Today we are off to Calgary to visit with Tony's mom and do some errands. Since Neil will coming to our place for dinner tonight I have put a chili in the crockpot and prepared garlic bread for later. Half Pint may not get any further than this today, but I am just happy that I have made it this far...I am going to participate in the Secret Santa Christmas swap with the Charming Girls so have been searching for ideas on what to make. Once I find out who I am matched with, I can try to make something that person would like, and that will be fun. I have really enjoyed participating in this club, and reading other blogs of club members. I have "met" ladies from all over the US and even a couple of Canadians, one being our cohost Joan.
Also in the next week or so I have to start putting my Christmas cards together. I have created the design, chosen the paper, so now I just need the time to make them. Time is such a gift, isn't it?


joan said...

Oh Anne so glad you are on board the Secret Santa. I love your living room and your Half Pint♥♥♥ I too am soexcited to have been connecting wiht the Charming girls
Have a good week...

Michelle said...

I just love the colors of your Half Pint. I can't wait to see it finished. I too have enjoyed connecting with the Charming girls, it's made quilting more fun.

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